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sophos apx 120 in nepal

Aruba AP11 

2 x 2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 5,  Max data rates
1167 Mbps, Recommended Users: 50  

sophos apx 120 in nepal

Aruba AP22

2 x 2 MIMO, Wi-Fi 6 , Max data rates
1774 Mbps, Recommended Users:75

Peplink Balance 

150 Mbps Most Affordable

SD-WAN Router

The Ultimate Network Security Solutions for your Business

Get complete protection against known and unknown cyber-attacks, malicious threats, and exploits with Next-Generation Firewall.

Data Center Solution

Unlock the true potential of your organization with a reliable data center. Data is your most valuable asset. Building the data Center that meet your business requirement offers you the data storage facilities for mission critical systems.  

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CISCO CBS 350-24T-4G

CISCO CBS 350-24P-4G

Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Wireless technology has become an integral part of our life and has witnessed a solid evolution in recent times.  This Scenario has opened opportunities for wireless LAN solution providers in delivering secure and agile wireless networks to business organizations. 

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HPE Networking
Instant On


Advanced switching that means business

HPE Networking

Instant On

Access Points

Reliable Wi-Fi and better coverage

Enterprise Network Infrastructure

To keep the business operation smooth, businesses need to have an agile, seamless, secure, and fault-tolerant enterprise network infrastructure. Enterprise Network comprises IT Infrastructures, hardware and software system generally used to provide connectivity among users, devices, and applications.

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1U/2U 19” Canovate Fiber

Optic Patch Panel 

Mechanical Sliding Mechanism,

SM Duplex Adapters Fully Loaded  

1U 9.5” Canovate Fiber

Optic Patch Panel       

Bolting Mechanism, SC PC Duplex


Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Building fiber networks which is scalable and future-proof and delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth to homes, business, and public facilities.

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