Network Security Solution

Protect your Organization from modern cybersecurity threats and exploits with multi-layered network security solution. Reduce the risk of data loss and security breaches. Improve your network health and enhance your performance by detecting vulnerabilities and responding to them.

Next generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are advanced network security solutions that provide enhanced security capabilities like intrusion prevention, advanced threat detection, web control, deep packet inspection, virtual private networks (VPNs) and more to prevent security breaches in the networks. They provide the comprehensive security solution to secure your organizations from cyber attacks, ransomware, malwares and other security threats. 

FortiGate Next generation Firewall

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls deliver the industry’s best ROI, provide AI/ML-powered threat protection, and support the convergence of networking and security.

With all features and functions built on a single operating system, FortiOS, organizations have access to consistent functionality across all solutions and form factors, including appliances, virtual environments, and secure access service edge (SASE).


FortiGate 60F

Affordable, fast and secure SD-WAN solution for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses. 

FortiGate 80F

Protects against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SD-WAN.

FortiGate 100F

Get deeper visibility with AI-powered security and ML to deliver Threat Protection at any scale.

Sophos Next Generation Firewalls

Sophos NGFWs provide a comprehensive approach to network security by enabling businesses to detect and prevent a wide range of security threats, including malware, viruses, and phishing attacks. 

With advanced features such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Application Control, & Web Filtering, it allow administrators to monitor network activity in real-time, identify potential security risks, and take action to prevent them.


Sophos Next gen Firewall Appliances

Extend your network anywhere, anyhow, easily and affordably, with Sophos Firewall

Sophos XGS 3100 Next Gen Firewall

Best mid-range firewalls that offers superior performance with a simple management interface.

Sophos XGS 87

Perfect for small branch offices and retail stores.

Sophos XGS 116

Perfect for smaller businesses, retail outlets, & branch offices.

Sophos XGS 126

Xstream DPI Engine with Synchronized Security.

the #1 rated endpoint and server protections


Sophos Endpoint


Sophos Server